Stonethica's research also involves a new aesthetic thanks to the involvement of architects, designers and artists who believe in the same values ​​and principles.

Stonethica is also design and experimentation to find new aesthetic solutions that also meet spatiality and not just surfaces. Innovation and transformation are the two founding principles of the project.

The production process of these documents passes through a careful selection of materials combined with an effect of randomness given by the combination of elements that are often heterogeneous between them.


The artisans select and combine the materials to create elements that are always different but of the same quality and with the same aesthetic value. The randomness and mixage of different shades of recovered materials always creates new aesthetic combinations that give uniqueness to all projects. If the slab is the main commercial subject, sculpture, design and architecture are the main fields of study that have allowed us to find limits and new aesthetic-realization applications; for this reason the search for new limits and new aesthetic values ​​is of central importance in Stonethica.