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From left over pieces to a new sustainable cycle 

Stonethica was born as a production of stone materials within an eco-sustainable cycle: the left over pieces deriving from the processing of marble and natural stone , are recycled and assembled in Stonethica slabs thanks to a non-toxic two-component resin.

Natural Stone

Stonethica is a product that is realized with a recycled content between 98.6% and 99.4%.
Nature is a valuable asset that must be preserved while marble is a finite resource : we need to rethink marble.



 Stonethica, created thanks to a green system of reusing and assembling waste is (not exclusively for this reason) part of an innovative economic fabric called Circular Economy.

Great Visibility

Ideal for floors, walls, kitchen counters , bathrooms and interior design. We search, select and assemble the Apuan marble to share a beauty that does not derive from novelty but from a wise recovery.

Projects and achievements

An action is much more than a thought; it is its very realization.
Stonethica tells us with its inimitable style a story of awareness and quality,
through its rhythm and its plots.

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Stonethica products are all over the world with retailers selected for their quality and their environmental commitment.


Relive the Stonethica process by creating a slab that comes from marble processing waste. You can combine up to 6 materials in any way you wish.
Share and save your work in the material gallery.

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