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From left over pieces to a new sustainable cycle 

Stonethica was born as a production of stone materials within an eco-sustainable cycle: the left over pieces deriving from the processing of marble and natural stone , are recycled and assembled in Stonethica slabs thanks to a non-toxic two-component resin.

Natural Stone

Stonethica is a product that is realized with a recycled content between 98.6% and 99.4%.
Nature is a valuable asset that must be preserved while marble is a finite resource : we need to rethink marble.



 Stonethica, created thanks to a green system of reusing and assembling waste is (not exclusively for this reason) part of an innovative economic fabric called Circular Economy.

Great Visibility

Ideal for floors, walls, kitchen counters , bathrooms and interior design. We search, select and assemble the Apuan marble to share a beauty that does not derive from novelty but from a wise recovery.

Projects and achievements

An action is much more than a thought; it is its very realization.
Stonethica tells us with its inimitable style a story of awareness and quality,
through its rhythm and its plots.

Find a distributor near you

Stonethica products are all over the world with retailers selected for their quality and their environmental commitment.


Relive the Stonethica process by creating a slab that comes from marble processing waste. You can combine up to 6 materials in any way you wish.
Share and save your work in the material gallery.

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News from the Stonethica world.

Stonethica and 1000 Miglia

Stonethica and 1000 Miglia

Proud to be part of the What Italy Is project and the stories of the 1000 Miglia on Italian excellence!Alessandro Franci, CEO of Stonethica, explains his vision of sustainability and luxury."… The waste" is essentially that same...

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Marble kitchen

Marble kitchen

A kitchen with an island in recycled and precious White di Carrara marble, is absolutely the coolest and stylish thing there can be!The charm of Carrara Marble and the warmth of wood … the perfection of nature.

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Sylvestre Gauvrit

Sylvestre Gauvrit

Stonethica has collaborated over time with many different realities and artists who have their own focus on a particular research on materials and design. One of the latest valuable collaborations is with the French sculptor SYLVESTRE GAUVRIT.His art struck us because...

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