Classic Texture

Natural beauty from the heart of the Apuan Alps.

The Stonethica production cycle mainly uses Apuan marbles but involves the use of wastes from different stone processings also in combination with heterogeneous materials. A feature which allows a high level of product customization in response to precise interior design, taste and style requirements.

Whatever the project is, it represents for Stonethica the opportunity to transmit its values in terms of natural stone, beauty, quality of timeless and eco-sustainable materials. For architects, interior designers, marble workers, retailers and customers, Stonethica searches for the ideal solution for every need.

There are seven basic lines of Stonethica products: Calacatta, Carrara Mix, Bardiglio, Bianco Carrara, Statuario, Pietra del Cardoso, Pietra Grey. Each stone is studied, designed and built in our laboratory in Pietrasanta . Each stone tells a philosophy of reuse of stone materials that gives value and charm of the finest Carrara marbles in order to get extraordinary possibilities of application and expressiveness.

Natural Stone

Stonethica is a product that is realized with a recycled content between 98.6% and 99.4%.
Nature is a valuable asset that must be preserved while marble is a finite resource : we need to rethink marble.


Stonethica, created thanks to a green system of reusing and assembling waste. is (not exclusively for this reason) part of an innovative economic fabric called Circular Economy.

Great Visibility

Ideal for floors, walls, kitchen tops , bathrooms and interior design. We search, select and assemble the Apuan marble to share a beauty that does not derive from novelty but from a wise recovery.

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Do you know what Custom Materials are?

They are the result of collaboration with other companies in the Apuan-Versilian territory that share objectives and a conscious reuse of marble waste to transform them into new beauty.

Relive the Stonethica process by creating a slab that comes from marble processing waste. You can combine up to 6 materials in any way you wish.
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