Stop Digging,
Keep Seeking.

from waste to wow

Not only digging but also searching and observing since not everything comes from what we do not yet have; often what can be useful, beautiful or necessary can be under our eyes.

Stop digging, keep seeking: this is because research and its result can give new perspectives to a sector that seems to be nailed to the exclusive extraction, thus depleting a territory of its most precious asset: nature. 


Sustainability is a key point, a cornerstone, a mission, and is by definition the characteristic of a process that can be maintained indefinitely without having an impact on resources.

Marble is a natural resource in exhaustion and must be preserved and safeguarded.
From the Apuan Alps the most sought after and precious marble in the world is extracted. The fame of these stones furrows the entire history of art, passing from Michelangelo Buonarroti to Antonio Canova up to the contemporary. Over time the demand has grown enormously and not only in the sculptural area, but also in the construction, interior and design fields.
From the blocks, extracted from the quarry, slabs and finished products of all types are made, whose waste is often accumulated or disposed of in enormous quantities.

The territory is characterized by the presence of an enormous extractive basin that has literally transformed the morphological profile of the landschape, including piles of debris in the quarries, deforestation, extraction waste and marble dust in the aquifers. It’s defined enthusiastically A “lunar landscape” by inhabitants and tourists, without however considering the desolation that derives from this concept.

“Stop Digging, Keep Seeking” is a thought, an invitation, a sort of wordplay that however establishes an exhortation to rediscover men’s nature: exploration. Not just a territorial or spatial exploration, but intellectual, aimed at safeguarding the world in which we live by recovering resources rather than destroying them.

Stonethica is respect for nature, for the mountains and for life.
Sharing this awareness through designand research is a mission and not only a pleasure.


Relive the Stonethica process by creating a slab that comes from marble processing waste. You can combine up to 6 materials in any way you wish.
Share and save your work in the material gallery.

Circular Economy

What is circular economy?
It is a non-linear economic approach that influences and changes, for example, company production procedures in order to increase the life of the goods that they supply by regenerating or giving them a reconditioning that allows them to re-enter into the market in another form, with the goal of reducing waste to zero.

The circular economy applies the principles of biofeedback that differentiates organic systems and economic systems. All that living organisms do is part of a cycle that does not end but that confers continuity even in its own end.

The Stonethica production cycle starts from these assumptions by recovering Apuan marble and wastes from various stone processing, also in combination with heterogeneous materials. A process in full circular ethic that enhances and revitalizes a precious territorial extractive asset, thus giving us new opportunities of value to local companies and a new perspective of conscious reuse of waste thanks to a healthy sharing of values.

Our goal? Return to the world a noble material, with unique and inimitable characteristics, which otherwise would be destined to be thrown away.

Stonethica shares its values ​​with many companies in the area, even if they do not specialize in strictly local materials, but work with blocks extracted in other countries.
Thanks to this synergy, a section dedicated to Custom Materials is born: a limited series of products recovered from processing wastes of companies that work with foreign materials or materials coming form other sources, which share with Stonethica the circular principle of valuing an asset as precious as marble is.