Custom materials

Thank to a cooperation between local companies new essences of rare beauty were born.

The Stonethica production cycle mainly uses Apuan marbles but involves the use of wastes from different stone processing also in combination with heterogeneous materials. A feature, which allows a high level of product customization in response to precise interior design, taste and style requirements.

One of the main aims of Stonethica is also to involve in its process of circular awareness other companies that deal with marble as to sensitize them and find a natural balance between entrepreneurship, work and nature.

There are many companies that deal with marble in the Apuon-Versilia area; it is a precious asset for the territory that must be protected. Many of these companies are well known because they deal with materials in which they have been specialized for years. Stonethica, with its products, wants above all to highlight the awareness of those who join this project by creating a new product that derives from the collaboration and mutual sense of respect for nature.

Do you already know the Classic Textures?

The Classic Textures are the result of the research of Stonethica. There are 7 selected materials that derive in most part from the Apuan Alps extraction area, a precious asset, a rare and eternal beauty that must be safeguarded.

Relive the Stonethica process by creating a slab that comes from marble processing waste. You can combine up to 6 materials in any way you wish.
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