Bianco Carrara

made in italy

Classic Texture

The archetype of marble, well-known and in demand around the world for the highest forms of artistic and architectural expression.


Pearly white with greyish veins, in the texture of the Stonethica slabs its classicism is transformed into timeless yet contemporary design.


Slab Dimensions

Full Slab Size: Commercial Size:
310 x 162 cm 305 x 158 cm
122 x 64 inch 120 x 63 inch


  • Polished
  • Honed
  • Leather finish
Alternative finishes can be considered upon request.


27 mm 16 mm
1-1/16 " 5/8 "
75 kg per m2 44 kg per m2

Tile Dimensions

915 x 305 x 16mm
36 x 12 x 5/8"
44 kg per m2


Download the high definition material texture and the material certification test.

The typical platinum color and texture of this stone makes it unique and recognizable throughout the world with the name of ‘’Carrara marble’’. Its undying beauty gives us a pleasant aesthetic quality of shifts of white rich of details. Stonethica enriches this balance with a fast-paced and dynamic rhythm.

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