It is not only from the new that it is possible to get amazement but in the ingenious and conscious reuse of a finite good that we can learn to be amazed again.

The authors who wanted to undertake this journey share important ethical values ‚Äč‚Äčtogether with Stonethica and with it they intend to promote an important message made of awareness and respect.


The projects all have different messages but they intend to start from a minimum common denominator: the material used.
Why choose Stonethica and not a classic Marble block?
In addition to the form and the concept, the material also becomes, in some way, the subject of the project realized because with its material unpredictability, given by the random assembly of the processing waste, it gives an essential and decisive constraint of uniqueness to every aesthetic form created .
A texture that is always different in some indeterminate and uncontrollable way is an important element in both design and art, which is often sought after with cumbersome technical artifices.

Nature and the random assemblage of waste identify, limit and delimit an unpredictable path made of wonder and discovery even during the moment of creation.